Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's going on now

What i'm reading:  I stumbled upon this post and it hit home for me.  It's from Missy at Far from Flawless.  She is very courageous in sharing her journey.

What I want to craft:

What I want to cook:

What I want to sew:

What I'm doing now:

And I'm making a sofa slipcover for a sweet golden retriever named Austin.

What are y'all doing?


  1. I love that you're back to posting! We should have a craft night ♥

  2. I have been going to Bodypump too, soo much fun!

  3. Love the taxidermy projects. I wouldn't mind some of these in my home:)

  4. Well, I wish you lived closer to me, that's for sure. Your follower over at BibbityBobbityBeautiful has inspired me to try this on my own...hmmm...not going so well! (If you're in touch with her at all, you may want to let her know her comments section of the slipcovered couch are filling up with SPAM!!)


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